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Fascinating cultural immersion

It is not by accident that we chose to specialise in three distant lands rich in culture and steeped in tradition. It is the rich culture and the people of Bhutan, Myanmar and Mongolia that enchant, get under your skin and into your heart. We have found countries with cultures that will beguile, inform, astound and challenge you. Places of myth and adventure, of dragons and holy men, mountains and deserts.

And so to distant lands we will take you. To meet and share the lives of communities with rich cultures and histories with lives lived more simply, celebrations held with passion and faiths woven tightly into everyday life. 'Culture' means different things to different people. History? Bhutanese tsam dances? Mongolian throat singing? The art of eagle hunting, or being a nomad, or Burmese laquerwork? Whatever it means to you, we want to give you the opportunity to learn, but also to gain new perspectives. In the richness of the culture, landscape, wildlife, and hospitality of these countries – so very different from our own – you can also discover time and space and freedom just like Karina and James did on that first journey to Mongolia all those years ago.

Let us introduce you to the ancient nomadic culture on the vast steppe, mountain and desert of Mongolia; the fascinating, warm and determined people of Burma (Myanmar) emerging into a new era from a turbulent history after decades of oppression and international isolation; or the colourful myths and legends and strong Buddhist culture amongst the lost monasteries and flowing rivers of the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

We love all three but you can just choose one. Seek that new perspective – what are you waiting for?




"A magical trip in a remote and unspoilt part of the world. We were made to feel like welcome guests."

Doug and Annie Howes

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