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Panoramic Fixers can be your full service fixer in-country. We have the resources and contacts to deal with any project. Whether you are developing a documentary series, feature film, music video, natural history programme, commercial, reality TV show; or planning a scientific research journey, a fashion shoot, charity event or an expedition – Panoramic Fixers can make it happen. We have extensive experience with glowing testimonials in providing production services and location scouting for a vast array of film, TV, commercial, press and photographic projects.


  • Brainstorming experience based ideas
  • Local casting & sourcing specialists
  • Realistic quotes easy to insert into your budget
  • Proposal photography
  • Location recces without you needing to travel
  • Schedule and route map suggestions


  • Assistance with obtaining permits, insurance, driving licences and permissions
  • Assistance liaising with Ministries and Customs
  • Assistance with risk assessments
  • Services contract template ready to be signed
  • Carnet assistance


  • Local production crew including coordinator, production manager and AP
  • Local camera and shooting crews, location manager, competent AD
  • Local medics, drivers and catering teams
  • Local runners, translators and data wranglers


  • Hire of radios and satellite phones
  • Hire of steadicam harness and rigging; dolly and track
  • Supply of first aid kits, fire extinguishers, saddles, rafts, canoes and generators


  • Location scouting, risk assessments and full location management
  • Production support from office equipment to call sheets
  • Management of local crew


  • Accommodation bookings & set up of base camps in rural locations
  • Domestic and international flight reservations & excess baggage negotiations
  • Transportation including horses and camels
  • Airport transfers


  • Assistance with translation, captions and subtitles
  • Talent liaison and transporting production copies to them


"Having produced content for everyone from the United Nations, to PBS, to the National Geographic Society I can honestly say that PJ is the most committed professional fixer company I have ever worked with. Karina and her team worked around the clock to secure the strongest possible locations, characters and story lines for our shoot. She went far beyond the basic requirements and was often up past midnight answering my frantic phone calls. It's rare that you find a company who truly places your needs above their own. PJ is bringing the world one step closer to a single humanity … and they're doing so within budget!"

Chris Bashinelli, Actor/Director/Producer - New York

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