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Family holidays with a difference

Bold. Carefree. Living in the moment. Simple pleasure. Honest appreciation. This is seeing new worlds through a child's eyes.

Travelling with your kids can be a daunting experience on any journey, let alone a voyage to an exotic, far-flung part of the globe. But there is also a magic to family vacations. Children take things at face value. They see the similarities between people, not the differences. They can lead the way in foreign lands with a smile, the universal language of friendship. They can teach you to see things from their perspective, as if for the very first time.

We offer unique family holidays in Mongolia, Bhutan and Burma. Our carefully crafted itineraries allow you to create memorable adventures together with your children with plenty of activities to keep every age group entertained.

Camping holiday? Gather round the campfire at night under a blanket of stars, and hear the distant sound of wolves howling. Beach holiday? Swim with turtles or watch Orca whales as the sun rises over the bluest seas. Action holiday? Enjoy archery lessons in the foothills of snow-capped mountains or try white-water rafting down meandering rivers.

“Upon hearing that our son loves footie, James and his team in Burma orchestrated a match in which our son played with a dozen children from a local villages. They didn’t speak the same language, but they didn’t need to. I remember the sound of laughter echoing across the valley as the daylight dwindled. It turned out to be the best cultural exchange imaginable and one that my son will never forget.”

Meet local families, enjoy a homestay, drop in to a school, round up the animals, help bring in the harvest. See how other people live. Visit a festival, a temple, a village, another world. These are family holidays, Panoramic Journeys-style.

Make some memories.




"We travelled with three generations ranging from 2 to (almost) 72. Panoramic Journeys made what at first seemed an impossible trip into a reality. The company took care of every detail creating a magical adventure an entire family could all enjoy. We will all fondly remember our time in Mongolia for the rest of our years."

Melinda Hiemstra

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