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Terelj Hotel, Mongolia

To create a five-star hotel on the Mongolian steppe is an unenviable task. It has been pulled off with aplomb, providing a surprisingly opulent residence in unexpected surroundings.

The Terelj Hotel is more than any old five-star hotel anywhere in the world: it proudly, admirably, and tastefully incorporates Mongolia’s rich culture.

Attention to detail is key. The staff of the Terelj Hotel all made suggestions for the execution of the rooms. From the leather pocket emptier and Clinique products to the beautifully embossed stationery boxes, there is a pride in the delivery that is impressive. The Mongolian owners of the hotel display their antiques and art through the hotel.

The Terelj Hotel is on the banks of the Terelj river. Year round it is a very comfortable base for exploring the attractive Terelj and Khenti region. The indoor pool is warm even when temperatures outside are -20ºC, and the hotel is a great place to warm up after a day of dogsledding, horse trekking or celebrating Tsagaan Sar.




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