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Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Visit the magnificent Tiger's Nest Monastery (Taktsang) as part of your tailor-made tour of Bhutan. We'll tailor-make your entire Bhutan holiday/trip just for you, to give you treasured memories of a very special kingdom.

The hike to the Tiger's Nest Monastery is one of the most sacred pilgrimages in the Himalayas. One of our experienced guides will lead you up the beautiful mountainside at your own pace, giving you time to make the most of this magical experience. Tiger's Nest Monastery (Taktsang) is an iconic landmark and national treasure, perched spectacularly on a rocky ledge above Paro valley. It is a truly magical place and one not to be missed.

The foundation of the monastery was laid in the 8th century when 2nd Buddha, Guru Padma Sambhava, meditated here after he had flown from Kurtoe valley on the back of a tigress. The hike is beautiful, walking through oak, rhododendrons and trees draped in lychen. It's a tough climb, but most abilities will be able to cope with it. Our guide will go at your pace and you can stop for coffee and lunch, or just to take in the specatular scenery. Once at the top, the monastery views will take your breath away. For those looking for a spiritual experience, you will not be disappointed!

If you are seeking a little inspiration, browse our Bhutan itineraries below, nearly all of which include a trek to the Tiger's Nest Monastery. However, don't forget that we tailor-make your holiday to make sure you get exactly what you want.




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