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Mandala Nomadic


Mandala Nomadic gers are made up of sumptuous en-suite gers (or yurts) and a ‘Magic Ger’; a space to dine and relax: listen to music, play games, be entranced by the view, play vinyl, have a massage or gaze at the endless stars through the Mandala telescope.

A short walk away is one of the nomadic families engaged in the Mandala project. They continue to go about their daily tasks of rounding up and milking the livestock, happy for guests to observe or participate or walk on by.

Like their nomadic guardians, the Mandala Nomadic gers move seasonally to pastures new.

On the surface, there is no trace of the stay after, but delving you find that there is a deep impact not only on the guests, and their hosts, but also on several projects that Mandala are involved in – all sharing the common goal of climate action (SDG13).

For each night spent at Mandala Nomadic, at least $100 goes directly to projects that our trying to reduce the impacts of climate change or increase the steppe-land’s ability to absorb carbon.


  • A pair of luxuriously furnished, handcrafted felt gers made up of a master bedroom and adjoining washroom
  • A stand-alone Magic Ger; set up as a dining space and relaxing space, the ger can ‘magically’ transform to a cinema ger, games room, art space, a music room…
  • A modern Mongolian menu with a twist, using free-range, seasonal, local produce, as well as a selection of soft drinks, beers and house wine
  • Discreet Gercierge staff remain out of sight a short distance away. Yet to hand whenever you need them.  Serving you meals, snacks and the obligatory sundowners, lighting fires, making drinks and servicing your gers.
  • The en-suite heated bathroom ger features a shower, organic toiletries, and a discreet bench eco-loo
  • Traditional stoves ensure a cosy stay even in cooler weather
  • Mongolian felt slippers to keep your toes warm
  • Snug bath robes and organic toiletries
  • A solar powered hub is used to light your ger and as a power source to charge your devices
  • A powerful telescope to enjoy stargazing Mongolia’s endless night skies


Your nearby nomadic family hosts can offer:

  • An experience of the nomadic lifestyle, share meals with the family and join in with as much or as little as you like: milk the animals, round them up, ferment mare’s milk to make airag, craft dumplings for dinner and more.
  • Horse rides across the wide-open plains, challenge the family to an archery match or simply sit back, observe and absorb the patterns of nomadic life
  • Non-intrusive insights into the heritage and lives of nomadic families
  • All are educational, life affirming, perspective-changing experiences


Nomadic by nature; the exact locations of each Mandala Ger will change with the seasons, as your nomadic family hosts move to new pastures. The variety of terrain and subtle differences in character serve to create a new experience in each new region:

  • Mandala Bayansogts – Set on the rolling steppe with streams and forests just two hours away from Ulaanbaatar. Great for horse riding, hiking and just a short drive from the capital to your own wilderness – this is a Spring and Summer home.
  • Mandala Bayangobi – Located in the semi-desert steppe and sand dunes in central Mongolia, two hours' drive from Chinggis Khan’s 13th Century capital, Kharkhorin. Great for camel riding, historical sites, hiking, monasteries and varied landscapes – this is a year round home.
  • Mandala Bayandelger – Sitting on the wide open steppe and mountains to the east of Ulaanbaatar, in a valley close to both Terelj National Park and Gun Galuut Nature reserve. Great for riding, hiking, nature hikes with a ranger and river activities – this is a Winter, Spring and Autumn home.



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