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Top 15 Mongolian Adventures

There's a rather large amount of Mongolia to explore, and the best thing of all is that it's easy to feel as if you have the country to yourself. Slightly smaller than Alaska, the nation has one of the lowest population densities in the world: 4.6 people per square mile (2.5 square kilometers). Adventures can vary from a speed boat ride across Lake Khovsgol to summiting the 4,734m Mount Khuiten – whether it’s a group trip or handcrafted trip just for you, here are some ideas to make your journey an epic one.

Overnight camel trek in the Gobi

Take an unforgettable journey south to the stark, arid beauty and exhilarating vastness of the Gobi Desert. Towering dunes, twisting glacial canyons and red sandstone cliffs – a dramatic backdrop for your extraordinary adventure. An exploratory overnight Bactrian trek across the desert landscape forms the centerpiece to this epic journey as you pass from camp to nomadic family.

Horse riding in the Arkhangai region

The perfect opportunity for an exhilarating and unique horseback expedition into the varied and inspiring landscapes of the Arkhangai Mountains of central Mongolia. Magnificent valleys nestled between rolling hills and rugged mountains are ideal for setting up camp, the crystal clear lakes and rivers meandering through the landscape form a stunning backdrop for this adventure on horseback.

Paraglide in central Mongolia

Gliding through the air accompanied by eagles, drift slowly over the green pine forests, over the fertile grasslands and the impressive mountains of central Mongolia. Enjoy the magnificent scenes before landing in the fence-free surrounding. Whether you live to fly or and an enthusiast without experience who wants to feel the freedom of flying, paragliding will definitely meet your wildest expectations!

Hot air balloon over Kharkhorin

A unique and magnificent way to experience the great landscapes of Mongolia along with the ancient city of Kharkhorin from above. Spot the temples of Erdene Zuu Khiid, count the stupas from the sky and take in the open lands of Mongolia in a way unlike any other. Travel overland by truck between locations to make your adventure travel journey one to remember.

Rafting down the Kherlen River

The Gun Galuut Nature Reserve provides a stunning backdrop for your water based adventure. Thick forests rich in wildlife are interspersed with fascinating rock formations. Go rafting down the River Kherlen – make stops along the way, meet nomadic families and see the countryside from a different perspective. Intersperse your journey with other adventures such as horse riding and hiking!

Dog sledding in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

The crisp winters freeze the Terelj River and Lake Khovsgol, making perfect highways for dog sledding. Our routes take you along frozen valleys, icy canyons, frosted forests and snow swept lake-top. Try your hand at ice skating, you may even come across an ice games festival and come across a wolf! Visit hardy nomad families at their winter camps and learn how they and their herds survive in this environment.

Skiing with the Tsaatan

Home to the Tsaatan reindeer people, the Darhad Valley is in the remote Northwestern corner of Mongolia but boasts the most spectacular scenery. In winter, the crystal clear lakes turn into perfect ice rinks, lush green meadows are ideal ski slopes and the larch and pine forests of the Siberian Taiga make for superb scenery. Make your skis from reindeer hides then traverse the slopes between the tiny nomadic communities of reindeer herders who have an ancient culture who are dependent upon the reindeer for all aspects of survival.

Live with nomads

Roll your sleeves up and get involved – spend time experiencing the immense hospitality of the Mongolian nomads. Sleeping on the floor, sharing a bed with grandma or spending your time in the family's spare ger will help you get under the surface of Mongolia – and this is the only way to begin to really understand this country and its people. From helping set up gers and collecting dung for the fire to milking livestock and cooking traditional food on the stove, the opportunities for immersion into this fascinating culture are limitless.

Cycle in search of Genghis Khan

This is an off-roader's dream cycling through a diversity of landscapes, including the mountains of the Khentii, lush green grasslands, pine forests and spectacular lakes throughout. Beginning near Ulaanbaatar on the banks of the Kherlen River, this ride takes you east along one of the most significant routes in Mongolia until coming to the highlight of your journey; the birthplace of Genghis KHan. It is now generally accepted that the great Ghenghis Khan was born at the junction of the Onon and Balj Rivers in Dadal sum.

Hike in the Khentii Mountains

Spending just five days trekking in this phenomenal area will blow your mind – the ever changing scenery, crossing and following the Terelj, Tuul and Khagiin Rivers and cut through mountain passes. Terrain varies from snowy passes to rocky outcrops and loose scree underfoot then night will be filled with laughter around the campfire before snuggling into your sleeping bag under canvas.

Climb Mount Khuiten, the highest peak in Mongolia

The Altai’s highest peak, Khuiten (4,734m), and four neighbouring peaks along the massive Potanin glacier are collectively known as Tavan Bogd, “The Five Saints”. Spend 12 days exploring this remote region, take an acclimatisation ascent of Malchin (4,050m), camp in the wilds, summit Mount Khuiten traversing crevasses and admire incredible views into China, Russia and the neighbouring snowcapped ridges.

Take an overland adventure in a Russian UAZ furgon

The ultimate adventure travel to cover the extreme mileage required for journeying across Mongolia’s plains. The UAZ (and its modifications) has earned a reputation as a very reliable and capable 4x4. It has gained huge popularity among off-road enthusiasts within Russia, former Soviet republics as well as Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa, and is preferred by many over other legendary 4x4’s.

Land sailing in Khustai Nuruu Nature Reserve

Although there are many places in Mongolia which might be perfectly well suited to the somewhat crazy sport of land-sailing, Khustai offers the added attraction of spotting the wild Przewalski’s Horses too! Travelling up to 40mph, this is not for the faint hearted as you rely solely on the wind and the sail under which you are powered. This highly aerobic sport gives the ultimate adrenalin rush but requires upper body strength.

Search for snow leopards in Govi Altai

Mountains in the west, Gobi Desert in the east and south, the Great Mongolian Lakes depression in the north and centre, and forests, steppe, and deserts mixed throughout support some rare and spectacular wildlife. Large and endangered animals call the region home including snow leopards, the Gobi Bear, argali sheep, ibex, antelope, gazelle, falcons, golden eagles, wolves, foxes, and many more. Journey west to begin your search of these elusive creatures.

Trans Mongolian train journey from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar

This 30 hour train ride is a great experience and the ideal way to travel between China and Mongolia if you are not too short on time. Departing Beijing, the Trans Mongolian train takes you north through rural China and on into Mongolia across the sprawling Gobi Desert. Waking up to sunrise over these vast plains is a memorable way to enter such an immense country.




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