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Tracking the Spirit of the Mountain
Starts / 25 Jun 2020
Duration / 13 Days
Group Size / 2-6
USD / 7,630
GBP / 5,980

A Snow Leopard Tracking Expedition

This once in a lifetime adventure will take you into on of Mongolia's most remote regions to track the elusive and extremely rare Snow Leopard. This journey has been created in partnership with WWF Mongolia.

Traditionally, local people never refer to the snow leopard by its name they call it Spotted Brother, Spotted Fur, White Old Man or Spirit of the Mountain. Join us for a unique opportunity to see this mysterious and elusive cat in the remote Altai Mountains of Mongolia home to 500 to 1,000 snow leopards, the second largest population in the world. At 3,796 m above sea level, Jargalant Khairkhan mountain crowns a teardrop shaped massif encircled by Khar Us, Khar and Dörgön lakes. The mountain is an isolated extension of the Mongol Altai mountain range. The diversity of habitats here include high mountain tundra, alpine meadows and high mountain steppe to arid steppe. WWF Mongolia has been working for the conservation for snow leopards since 1998. It is estimated that there are 37 snow leopards on the mountain.

A Mongolian snow leopard

As well as the snow leopard, the area supports Argali sheep, Siberian Ibex, Saiga antelope, Goitered Gazelle, Grey wolf, Corsac fox and eagles, Saker falcons, vultures, hawks, snowcocks and eagle owl. Accompanied by experienced guides, explore the valleys from our temporary camp, which provides a comfortable base in the 3,000 metre isolated mountains. We will be provided scientific information by local WWF rangers, and interact with local nomads and children's’ eco club, to learn about their efforts to conserve nature.

This trip offers the chance to see some of the worlds rarest wildlife in spectacular scenery.  It will also introduce you to the rich nomadic culture and hospitality of Western Mongolia.



Why book this tour

This exciting adventure into Mongolia's remote wild west gives you the opportunity to see a host of central Asia's iconic wildlife not just tracking the enigmatic Snow Leopard. Camping in locations advised by the local WWF rangers, who know these mountains like the back of their hands, you will be treated to a rare insight into this important area of research. This is a true adventure with 'rustic' amenities, well worth a little bit of 'roughing it'.


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