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Homestay Mongolia

Panoramic Journeys are proud of the homestays that we have set up in Mongolia and want to share them with you!

Staying alongside a family is likely to be one of the most memorable parts of your journey. Since we began designing and arranging journeys to Mongolia, we've been setting up small homestays in partnership with nomadic families, thus providing additional income for them and an intimate, authentic experience to our clients.

Spend a night or more at a homestay and get stuck in to family life! Learn first-hand of the infamous nomadic hospitality, sharing suutei tsai (milk tea), snuff, arkhi (nomadic vodka) and airag (fermented mare's milk); help out with chores such as milking and try your hand at making dairy products. Learn about the daily challenges of nomadic life whilst playing a game of ankle bones or crafting delicious buuz (Mongolian dumplings).

Generally, the families will have a spare ger which will be available for you sleep in, on other occasions, you might be camping in a ger next to a nomadic family, sharing the family ger, or in a ger set up by Panoramic Journeys - all of which will offer am unforgettable family-stay experience. Facilities are very basic, with no running water and definitely no en-suite! Get back to basics as you live like nomads do.

It is customary that any visitor who visits a ger is offered a seat and some milk tea. It is polite to sit and take at least a sip even if you don’t manage to finish it. Gift-giving is also customary for visitors, so if you do intend to visit a nomadic family, bring with you a small gift: something practical is always welcome such as hand cream, wind-up torch, boxed chocolates or stationery items.

We're proud that the nomadic families we work with have all gone on to create their own independent businesses, helping them to stay in the countryside and maintain a satisfactory income whilst doing so.




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