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PJ Gers

Many of our guests single out their experience of spending time with a nomadic family as a highlight of their journey with us. Learning about traditional ways and a simpler life is a wonderful antidote to our busy world.

We seek out wonderful families across the countryside and help them set-up another string to their bow, developing their micro-business to add much valued income from hosting guests. We erect and furnish gers next to their family home for which thay act as caretakers and hosts.

You'll share meals with the family and be able help out with daily duties like milking the animals, collecting dung for the fire, rounding up the horses. Go for an adventure around the locality, try a little archery or (a favourite PJ activity) cuddle a baby goat!

Facilities are basic, with a long drop or sit-on eco toilet housed in a tent or outhouse and a camping hand-pump shower as well as bowls of hot water for washing.

Helping set-up these facilities, giving hospitality guidance and providing a supplemental income to these families is part of our commitment to helping nomads maintain their traditional lifestyle and resist moving to the city to find work. Once these families have established their tourism business we help them 'go-it-alone' to set up their own Nomads' Camps.




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