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Nomadic Homestay

Nomads’ Homestay

Experience a true homestay, as a member of the family, sleeping in the shared family ger with the nomadic family.

Facilities will be basic and shared: the long drop toilet may have a simple wood surround but, perhaps, no overhead covering. Water will be heated for washing in a bowl. Your guide and driver will also sleep in the ger with the family, although they may stay with the neighbour for the evening, depending on available space. Meals will be shared with the family and you may wake-up to the sight of the matriarch of the household cooking tea or fried bread over the central stove.

Meet one of the nomadic families we stay with. Chancelmaa is six years old and loves having visitors. She lives in a ger with her parents and two siblings. Just a stone's throw away live her Grandparents and cousins.

Each guest brings a new window into the wider world. Here is a photo of Chancelmaa seeing and holding a shell for the first time.

Grandma lives next door.

The two youngest in the family Sanchitmaa (2) and Durimaa (14 months) are still trying to work out what they make of having guests!




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