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Nomads’ Camps

Nomads' Camps are often developed from our partnerships with nomadic families with whom we have worked over the years looking after our PJ gers.

As an example, Uree and her family have been hosting our PJ guests and looking after our PJ gers for a number of years. Many of our guests have enjoyed her charming hospitality and given us glowing feedback that she wins our vote as one of our most talented hostess. We have now donated three of our PJ gers to this wonderful family to operate as their own Nomads' Camp. We have introduced Uree to other selected tour operators so that she can host both our guests and other, further supplementing their income and financial stability.

Facilities vary, but generally they will be basic; you will sleep in the family’s guest ger and beds range from basic camping cots to makeshift beds. Hot water will be provided by your hosts for washing, and there will be a long drop toilet. Some nomad camps are slightly more developed and may have solar-heated water for showers at certain points in the day; other camps have a hand-pump camp shower whilst others only have a thermos with hot water for washing.




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