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Mongolia’s Ger Camps

Ger camps are the countryside hotels and the most common accommodation providers throughout the Mongolian countryside. Facilities between camps vary widely some may have 'ensuite' gers whilst others have eco, hot-steamed towels instead of showers.

The ger, ubiquitous in Mongolia, with half of the 3 million population still living in these traditional round felt tents. For many visitors, a night spent in a ger will be a highlight of a trip to Mongolia. Thought to date back some 2,500 years, the simplicity and efficiency of the ger is charming.

Outside of Ulaanbaatar, ger camps will be the mainstay of your accommodation in Mongolia. They vary from large camps with 35 gers or more to small, intimate ones with just five or so. Generally arranged around a central restaurant ger, with a western style toilet and shower block, their remote location means that there will not always be power 24 hours a day, but there will be spellbinding views of starlit night skies.

Your Mongolian ger will become a cosy sanctuary, kitted out simply with beds and blankets, sometimes a small table and chairs, and always a wood burning stove to keep the away chill during those cool nights.

There is nothing quite like waking to the sound of horse hooves galloping past as a young boy takes his herd out to graze on the steppe, or yaks close by with their rhythmic chewing. Watch clouds drift past through the open skylight and delight in the picture postcard view from your own little door, and if time permits after all your adventuring, we at Panoramic Journeys fully support the afternoon ger-nap. Enjoy an evening campfire with your hosts and fellow travellers.

We stay at all of the ger camps we use, so we know that they will be right for you. Some of our current favourites include:

Khorgo Ger Camp – in the Terskiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park, surrounded by mountains and in sight of the extinct volcano from which the camp takes its name, just a short drive to White Lake. Simple yet charming in an exquisite location.

Jalman Meadows – a luxury ger camp surprisingly close to Ulaanbaatar in the Khan Khentii wilderness. All of the camp at Jalman Meadows can be packed up like a traditional nomadic home to leave no trace in this beautiful, strictly protected area. Enjoy fine dining in the restaurant ger, an ingenious shower in the dedicated bathing ger, play ankle bones in the library ger, or simple sit back and relax with a G&T from the bar. Take a walk through flower-filled meadows to the nearby Tuul river for fishing or rafting. You won't want to leave.

Sweet Gobi – a geolodge located a few kilometres away from the geographic centre of Mongolia, in view of the sand dunes of Elsen Tasarhai (central Gobi) and by the sacred Khogno Khan mountain. Authentically making little impact upon the environment, with dry toilets and no showers: heated towels will be delviered to your ger.

Ar Davkhar – a small eco camp on the Eastern shore of Lake Khovsgol, reached by speedboat from Khatgal village or the less glamorous overland route. A beautiful and simple camp in an extraordinary location run by a kind and hospitable family of conservationists. Eco-toilets and no mains power.

Three Camels – a luxury ger camp in the South Gobi province, blending traditional style with sophistication. Home to a restaurant ger, spa ger, dino-house and bar. Each ger is equipped with an en-suite and views across the uninterrupted endless steppe with night skies to remember forever. It's popular with travellers for a very good reason.

We aim to choose smaller, more personal camps but this will depend on where you are in the country and the time of year you travel.

Many of our tours in Mongolia stay in Ger Camps at some point. Get in touch if you want to learn more about specific camps.




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