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Mandala Mongolia

Let us lift you far from this life, the hustle of the city, the bustle of our digital age. Let us carry you to another world… to a land unchanged over millennia. Let us take you to the mountains, to the forests and the rivers, to the desert and the steppe. Let us show you new horizons. Let us give you space. And time. And balance.

What could be better than your own private en-suite ger set in the bend of a river or overlooking the vast Mongolian steppe miles away from anyone else? Turn off, tune out, let your mind wander whilst being pampered in the wilderness.

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Let us create a peaceful haven for you with all the comforts we can muster when totally off-grid; privacy and confidentiality guaranteed.  We'll set-up camp for you in an idyllic spot with a private en-suite ger or hamlet of stylish bell-tents. Our hosts will cook you delightful meals in the middle of nowhere, your breakfast could be delivered on horseback, enjoy a hot shower at the end of a day's riding and gaze at the stars with your telescope.  If you want to escape wifi that's easy; if you need to make an important call then we'll fix that too.


Suites on the steppe. Mandala Nomadic gers are made up of sumptuous en-suite gers and a Magic Ger, a space to dine and relax: listen to music, play games, be entranced by the view, play vinyl, have a massage or gaze at the endless stars through the Mandala telescope.

A short walk away is one of the nomadic families engaged in the Mandala project. They continue to go about their daily tasks of rounding up and milking the livestock, happy for guests to observe, join-in or walk on by.

Mandala Bayansogts

Set on the rolling steppe with streams and forests just two hours away from Ulaanbaatar. Great for horse riding, hiking and just a short drive from the capital to your own wilderness – this is a Spring and Summer home.

Mandala Bayangobi

Located in the semi-desert steppe and sand dunes in central Mongolia, two hours drive from Chinggis Khan’s 13th Century capital, Kharkhorin. Great for camel riding, historical sites, hiking, monasteries and varied landscapes – this is a year round home.


Mandala – wherever you’d like it. Arrive by helicopter, leave by camel, connect on foot; journeys of endless adventure. Conceived for those who seek even more remote adventures in the vast expanse of Mongolia.

Mandala Wilderness enables guests to have a private camp anywhere in Mongolia. Overlooking rippling dunes, perched in the high mountains, nestled by a river in a wooded valley or gazing across the rolling steppe. Journeys including Mandala Wilderness can involve en-suite gers, stylish bell tents or decorative Kazakh yurts, transported by camel, yak or even boat.

After an insightful night collecting camera traps along snow leopard routes, a weekend beside Eagle Hunters or an evening on a remote camel trek, Mandala Wilderness magically disappears, leaving no trace.

As fleeting as a sand mandala…

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"Mandala… is a thing of quiet excellence, conceived to please both the most adventurous and demanding"

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