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White Lake, Mongolia

White Lake (Terkhiin Tsagaan) was formed by lava flows millennia ago. Rare species of flowers and pine trees grow in the black volcanic soil and ancient lava flows streak out across the meadow which is home to alpine wildlife. This astonishingly beautiful, crystal clear, freshwater lake is renowned for its fish and birdlife, including the Ruddy Shellduck and Great Cormorant.

The area surrounding the lake is a 7,280 hectare national park and is home to volcanic craters, pine-clad lava fields and the occasional herd of grazing yaks.

The nearby Khorgo Uul (volcano) was responsible for creating White Lake thousands of years ago and is now extinct. The crater is accessible by foot or on horseback, providing excellent views of the lake and surrounding basalt-covered countryside. Local wildlife is also abundant and the area is a haven for birdwatchers.

White Lake was the birthplace of Panoramic Journeys. Karina and James had a life changing encounter with nomads here back in 2002 that inspired them to set up the company. Let us know if you would like to know more about incorporating this special place into your journey.




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