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Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia

The stunning blue of Lake Khovsgol is a treat to behold.

Lake Khovsgol, known as the Blue Pearl of Mongolia, is one of only seventeen ancient lakes on earth and thought to be over 2 million years old. Located in the North of Mongolia, Lake Khovsgol holds approximately 2% of the earth's liquid surface freshwater.

At 136 km long, 262 metres deep and stretching far into the Siberian taiga, this awe inspiring lake is popular with Mongolians and tourists alike.

Stay at an eco ger camp on the less touristy eastern side of the lake. Switch off your phone (it won't work here) and instead get back to nature by kayaking around the headland, hiking into meadows filled with wild flowers or taking an early morning horse ride out into the wilderness looking for ibex, argali sheep, sable or moose. Taking a dip in the crystal clear waters is only for the brave, even in the summer months the water is still icy cold.

The winter sees the lake freeze completely as it becomes home to an important event in the Mongolian calendar. The Ice Festival transforms the lake into an extraordinary winter playground for all who dare traverse this far midwinter. The nomadic reindeer herders from the north, Tsaatan, join local residents to celebrate the winter, with traditional games and races over two days. In temperatures of up to -35°C, contestants compete in sports such as ice-skating, ice-wrestling, tug-o’-war, dog-sledding and horse-sled racing.

Perfect for families, couples, friends and solo travellers; there's something for everyone at Khovsgol.

Khovsgol (or Hovsgol) is changing rapidly after the roads to this region have improved. We have ways for you to avoid the crowds though and to enable you to connect with stunning wilderness. Let us know if you would like to know more.




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