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Dochu Laa, Bhutan

Dochu Laa is a place where the the mountains meet the sky – and we humans celebrate that connection.

On fine days this pass has spectacular views of the snow capped Himalayas to the North. An impressive collection of 108 stupas and the more recently built temple, make this a very photogenic spot. One of the 4th King's four wives initiated their construction to commemorate Bhutan's victory over North East Indian separatists in the South in 2003.

This pass is a botanist's dream, home to 16 species of Bhutanese Rhododendrons and species such as Primula, Lauraceae such as Litsea, Cinnamomum, Neolitsea, Oaks, Virburnum, Magnolia, Daphne, Arisaema, Gentian, Himalayan Acer, and many others.




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