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Bayangobi, Mongolia

Bayangobi, translated as 'Rich Gobi', is the most Northern part of the Gobi and is a unique combination of Bat Khaan mountains and sand dunes.

These dunes, known as Elsen Tasarkhai, run for a distance of 200 kilometers. They are considered the Northern most reaches of the Gobi desert. With the stunning back drop of Khogno Khaan Mountain range, this region is home to families of camel herders. The region provides a heartland alternative to the less accessible Gobi Desert in the South.

Elsen Tasarkhai and the Bayangobi region is a microcosm of Mongolia with sand dunes, steppe land and mountains alongside one another – and only 5hrs from the capital. If you would like to incorporate this region into a journey, please get in touch. We work with a few families in this area who can host you in their gers or our own. Alternatively there are a few ger camps in this region that you can stay in.




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