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Sailing the Mergui Archipelago

Sailing the Mergui Archipelago

Lying off the southern tip of Myanmar in the blue waters of the Andaman Sea are the 800 islands of the little-visited Mergui Archipelago. Most of the islands are uninhabitated, at least most of the time, unless a Moken (Sea Gypsy) family have set up temporary home there. Nearly all of them have stunning white sand beaches, beautiful coves, tropical jungles or intricate mangrove forests.

The opportunities for water-sports, snorkelling and diving abound with world class dive sites that are rarely visited and host wildlife in abundance; from majestic manta rays and sharks to fluttering lionfish and the children’s favourite – the colourful clownfish.

This sailing itinerary is the perfect way to explore the islands; perhaps you might like to combine this trip with a few days exploring the rest of Myanmar.


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