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Long Way Round

Long Way Round

Over a decade ago, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman set out on their epic 20,000 mile world motorcycle tour, crossing 12 countries in 115 days.

We were privileged to work with the actors and their team as they travelled through Mongolia. Karina & James arranged all the logistics and travelled with them through this leg of their adventure.

A tour of the sewers to meet the city's street children, and the Mongolian delicacy of sheep balls are just some of the events that awaited the pair on their journey across the width of this remarkable country.

On this shoot we provided the team with on shoot support as well as organising all the preliminary arrangements before departure. Both our UK and Mongolian teams travelled in country for a month to support the team of eight.

The Crash

We can still remember the horrific feeling as we rushed up to the Warrior and reached in to see how Russ and Vasilli were after it rolled. We kept out of shot for the rest of the shoot – but this wasn't our priority at this moment so you will see both Karina and James if you don't blink!

Mongolia's Testicular Delicacies

James was preparing a feast for the team but it wasn't quite ready – so we strolled over the the ger nearby and luckily for the viewers but not for the boys we came across a ger where they were boiling up hundreds of freshly castrated testicles.

  • Broadcast in over 175 countries
  • Winner of Broadcast Award 2004
  • One of the highest rated documentary series on IMDB with 9.2/10 stars
  • Aired on BBC, FOX, Bravo, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, SKY, OLN, The Lifestyle Channel, BBC Prime, ViaSat, Current TV



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