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Film & Media Projects

Our journeys benefit from the fact that the other half of our business is involved in location media 'fixing', making all the arrangements for film, TV and photographic shoots in distant lands.

This is a task that requires unparalleled attention to detail, open minds and the ability to deliver above and beyond normal expectations – all of which is then used to make your journeys even more exceptional.

Over the years we have worked with the BBC, ITV, National Geographic, Sky, The Discovery Channel, Vogue, Tatler and W Magazines, numerous other production companies and advertising agencies.

Panoramic Journeys are a one-stop shop for in-country media production services and location management in Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma) and Bhutan, as well as India, China and Nepal.

We have extensive experience in every aspect of press, film and TV production with an enviable track record of collaborating with a wide range of international clients, from small independent companies to large multi-national corporations.

From brainstorming story ideas to writing subtitles, the team at Panoramic provide full assistance from pre- to post-production and everything in between.

From locating wolves, eagles, jerboas or even deathworms to knowing the respectful way to enter a ger, our local experience makes it easy to get the perfect shot.

  • BBC, Kate Humble: Living With Nomads – 2014
  • BBC Natural History Unit, Life Story with David Attenborough – 2013
  • National Geographic Society, Kid Nomad in Mongolia – 2013
  • Part2Pictures, New York, Series on Belief – 2013
  • National Geographic,  Washington 'Hedgehogs & Eagles' – 2012
  • Al Rayyan Productions, 'Qatar Falconry' – 2012
  • Green Bay Media Limited, Gobi HD – 2012
  • BBC Natural History Unit, Human Planet – 2010
  • National Geographic/Icon Films, Wild Things "Death Worm" – 2010

Navigating remote destinations can be a logistical nightmare, but our teams will ensure a smooth journey so crew can concentrate on the production.

  • Seven Network, Australia, Tim Noonan, The Vanishing – 2013
  • National Geographic, Icon Films, Survive the Tribe – 2013
  • The World's Greatest Balloon Adventures – Mongolia, Marco Polo Film – 2010
  • ITV, Buffalo Pictures, Horsepower, Martin Clunes – 2009
  • Virgin 1, Take Me to the Edge, Bhutan – Leo Houlding – 2007
  • ITV, Journeys of a Lifetime,  Vinnie Jones – 2005
  • Sky, Long Way Round, Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman – 2004

From facilitating a 53-strong crew through challenging terrain to brainstorming story ideas, Panoramic Fixers are on hand to see projects through to the end.

  • Tribal Teens, Mongolia, Channel 5 – 2016
  • Quest TV, IWC Media, UK Extreme Fisherman with Robson Green – 2013
  • Discovery Channel, Proper Television, Don't Drive Here – 2013
  • The Asian Food Channel, Singapore – 2012
  • Animal Planet, Icon Films, River Monsters – 2011
  • Discovery Channel & Dragonfly TV, World's Toughest Trucker – 2011
  • Sky One, Mentorn Media, An Idiot Abroad – 2011
  • BBC, Children in Need, Around the World in 80 Days – 2009
  • ITV, Adrenaline Junkie, Jack Osbourne – 2007

Whether they need a producer or a local guide, the Panoramic team know how to fulfill the needs of any photographer.

  • Harrods Magazine, Mongolia – 2014
  • W Magazine, Tim Walker & Edie Campbell, Burma – 2014
  • Paula Bronstein, Mongolia – 2013
  • Simon Urwin, Mongolia – 2012
  • Timothy Allen group – 2012
  • Andrew Newey, Mongolia – 2011
  • Vogue, Tim Walker & Kate Phelan – 2011
  • Tim Allen, Human Planet – 2009
  • Tatler shoot – 2006
  • Tatler & Peking to Paris – Aerials – 2006
  • Peter Adams – 2005

With a vast desert, mountainous steppe and colourful urban landscapes, Mongolia's largely unseen terrain is a stunning location for any shoot.

  • Undisclosed client, Scout, Ulaanbaatar – 2014
  • Undisclosed client, Scout, Burma – 2014

With our own production teams and local crew, Panoramic Fixers can provide everything needed to turn ideas into reality.

  • Camel Active, Donkey Communications GMBH, Hamburg and Big Banana Films, South Africa – 2013
  • Undisclosed client, Burma – 2012
  • "One Life", Land Rover – 2008


I can without reservation attest that she and the team she leads are the most dedicated, uncompromising, and knowledgeable location producers we've ever encountered.  Karina works across cultures with admirable sensitivity and compassion, and she genuinely cares about each person her work touches, from horse nomads to office staff to film directors.