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Escape to the Land of Blue Skies

Short Journeys in Mongolia

Mongolia is huge but if you only have a few days then you can pack in some great 'off-line' experiences.

Depending on the country in which you reside, you might fancy taking the relatively short flight to Mongolia for a long weekend, or indeed just extend your travels from Russia or China to spend a long weekend or a short break in this fascinating country. Travelling from Hong Kong is particularly convenient as direct flights three times a week make a short break in Mongolia a perfectly feasible journey.

Depending on your arrival time to Mongolia, it may be preferable to spend an evening in the city or alternatively begin your little adventure by travelling east towards the luscious Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and the foothills fo the Khentii Mountains. Enjoy being hosted by our nomadic friends, spend your first night in a ger, learn to make traditional food and help the family collect firewood.

A morning of herding animals and experiencing Mongolian nomadic life will leave you refreshed and energized for wildlife spotting in the animal-rich Gun Galuut Nature Reserve. Train your eye through the binoculars, learn where to seek the ibex and argali (wild sheep) of this region before settling in to your first ger camp next to the Kherlen River.

However active or relaxing you would like your journey, Mongolia can cover it all! Try horse riding with the locals, hike up to the woods with a picnic or rent a fishing rod for a spot of quiet time at the camp. Visit the 13th Century Camp to further enlighten you of the times of the great Khan; sit on the throne, try on the traditional costumes and learn about the various camps for Chinggis (Genghis) Khan, his people and soldiers.

Stopping at the impressive 40 metre high of Genghis Khan riding on horseback, admire the panoramic view of his vast land from atop the horse’s neck in the world’s largest equestrian statue! Inside the two-story base of the statue, you can see a replica of Genghis Khan’s legendary golden whip, sample traditional cuisine of horse meat and potatoes, or even play billiards.

If a few days is not enough for you and you want to explore further afield, there are opportunities abound including a lovely trip to Khustai Nuruu Nature Reserve to search for the rare Przewalski’s horses which were successfully re-introduced here in 1998.

Our team have managed to arrange last minute next day short breaks to The Land of Blue Sky – so whether you live in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai or Singapore (or anywhere else actually) – don't hesitate to consider a quick escape this land that will recharge your batteries. Contact Karina to discuss the possibilities.




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