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Sailing the Mergui Islands

Although it's never going to be cheap to explore the Mergui Islands by boat there are a few options for a range of pockets. We have sailed aboard some of these yachts and have some truly magical suggestions for your sailing adventure in this remote, must-see destination.

There are over 800 islands in the Mergui Archipelago lying off the coast of southern Burma in the Andaman Sea and, as the few travellers who have ventured there return with their tales of paradise, they are becoming the must-see destination for those in the know. When Condé Nast and The Sunday Times start sharing the secret it's time to get there quick.

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About 795 of the islands are uninhabited, at least most of the time, unless a Moken (Sea Gypsy) family have set up temporary home there for a while. Nearly all of them have stunning white sand beaches, beautiful coves, tropical jungles or intricate mangrove forests.

The opportunities for snorkelling and diving abound with world class dive sites that are rarely visited and host wildlife in abundance; from majestic manta rays and sharks to fluttering lionfish and the children's favourite the colourful clownfish – 'Go on tell us a joke'.

Go exploring by kayaking through the mangrove creeks, discover secluded bays where you have the beach to yourself or seek out a Sea Gypsy family and connect across a wide cultural divide. For the thrill seekers, there is always water skiing or jet biking (if you're on a big enough yacht). And at the end of the day; a sundowner on deck in your own personal paradise. What's not to like?

The ultimate experience is to charter a super-yacht like Dunia Baru. This beautiful Phinisi-style vessel is luxurious; equipped with everything you could desire with a crew on hand to take care of your every need. We chartered this yacht to sail up from Indonesia over several weeks in order to be in Mergui for some of our guests. You can read about it here

Charter a crewed yacht

There are a few (but not many) other great yachts that can be chartered with a crew in these waters. These will offer a sailing experience to suit every explorer; from luxurious motor yachts on which to relax to sleek sailing yachts when you can get stuck in and help sail the boat.

Some of the yachts we can offer include:

  • Meltemi – A 51 ft catamaran sleeping 8 in 4 cabins
  • Jubilaeum – A classic 77ft ketch refurbished in 2014 sleeping 6 in 3 cabins
  • Meta IV – An 85ft ketch sleeping 8 in 4 cabins
  • Aventure – A spacious and luxurious 95 ft ketch sleeping 6 in 3 cabins
  • Clan VI – A legendary super-yacht, 131 ft sleeping 10 guests in 5 cabins
  • Drenec – A timeless motor-powered exploration vessel sleeping 10-11 in 6 cabins

Book a cabin

Don't want to charter a whole yacht? So book a cabin on a yacht and share your journey with other like minded people. We can offer you a 5-night sailing adventure around Mergui aboard Meltemi, Meta IV or Raja Laut. Get in touch to find out more.

Raja Laut – A 100ft 19th century style trading schooner sleeping 12 in 6 cabins

Although we love the challenge of turning around last minute journeys, we need a lead time of three weeks if you want to visit Mergui so that we can process your special permits.




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