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Meet Mongolia

Mongolia's unique music can transport you to the wild steppe and evoke the natural beauty, ancient customs and cultural heritage of this extraordinary land. You don't have to get on a plane to experience it!

Two firm friends, Hishge and Emily, bonded whilst driving Russian trucks through rivers on remote film shoots for Panoramic Journeys. Both wanted to do something to help out those affected by COVID. They decided to arrange a fundraising festival of Mongolian culture on April 17th 2021 whilst Mongolia was in lockdown.

Guests were awed by throat singing, long song and beguiled by the horse-headed fiddle and rare Tsuur flute. The event raised money for vulnerable children, people with disabilities and those whose livelihoods have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

We have nearly reached the events fundraising target. We are very grateful to those of you have already donated. Please spread the word so that we can reach the £3k target – Gofundme https://gofund.me/b925f9a0.


  • 00:00 – Introduction by Emily
  • 05:00 – Horse Head Fiddle and Harp – Ekilin Egshigt Nutag by 2Nomad (Khurtsgerel & Budkhand)
  • 10:45 – Mongolian Traditional Folk Long Song – Under the Sun of Placid World sung by Bilguun along with a horse head fiddle played by Erdenkhuyag
  • 17:07 – Horse Head Fiddle – Jonon Khar Morinii yvdal (Galloping Horse) by player Erdenekhuyag
  • 21:40 – Traditional music of the endangered Tsuur flute – played by Bayarbaatar
  • 26:06 – Throat singing – In Praise of Chinggis sung by Bayarbaatar
  • 33:40 – Kazakh Traditional Music Dombra – Alhisa by Dombra player Igilik
  • 39:29 – Kazakh Tranditional Song – Ana turili jir (Mother) by Orazbek
  • 43:46 – Horse Head Fiddle and Harp – Ekilin Egshigt Nutag by 2Nomad (Khurtsgerel & Budkhand)
  • 53:30 – Introduction to the Mongolian National Association for Wheelchair Users by Hishge
  • 55:10 – Introduction to the Lotus Children's Centre by Ichko


Recording coming soon


In the past year, the pandemic has had a huge impact on the livelihoods of many Mongolians, particularly those working in the important tourism sector. Charities are also suffering – both domestic and foreign donations are down. Our festival aims to raise money for three worthy causes whilst introducing the world to the rich cultural heritage of Mongolia.

Lotus Children’s Centre http://www.lotuschild.org
The centre provides a loving home and care for around 65 vulnerable children in Mongolia, ranging in age from just a few months to teenagers. Before Covid, Lotus Children’s Centre generated income and provided work and skills training for children and young people at the nearby Lotus Guest House – visible from the window of our office.
Your donation will be hugely appreciated and go towards the centre’s running costs. To give you an idea of these…

  • USD$300 – Staff member’s average monthly wage
  • USD$200 – Provides heating and electricity for one month to one house
  • USD$150 – One truck of coal (up to ten trucks of coal are needed each month during the very harsh Mongolian winter)
  • US$30 – One sack of rice (twelve sacks are used each month)

Mongolian National Association for Wheelchair Users
Your donation will support the work of the National Association for Wheelchair Users in their work to protect wheelchair users rights, improve their living environment, increase their opportunities to find employment, and increase their participation in society.

  • Improving the law and rules of people with disabilities
  • Providing an information service
  • Rehabilitation training
  • Training to increase wheelchairs users participation in the labour market
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Develop wheelchair sports
  • Wheelchair repair service

Relief fund for our friends in the Mongolian travel industry
A third of the money raised will be donated to our colleagues and their families whose livelihoods have been deeply impacted by the loss of tourism.

Thank you for your donation – https://gofund.me/b925f9a0

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