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Cultural Immersion in Mongolia

Mongolia – a word that evokes a remote, distant land, vast open steppe, mountains, deserts and an ancient nomadic people. It’s partly Mongolia’s remote location and harsh environment that has molded its present day culture and the resilience, warmth and hospitality of her people. And of course a certain Chinggis (Ghengis) Khan and the chequered history that brings Mongolia to the 21st century has shaped the traditions, festivals and psyche of this proud nation.

Mongolia has always been a land of mystery. As the Mongol armies stormed westwards in the 12th century, Europe feared the worst. Who were these terrifying warriors and where were they from? Incredible stories stirred the imagination of Europe and for many of us, it seems that this curiosity remains.

And part of the fascination for us in the west is that many of the centuries-old traditions still remain. Over half of the Mongolian population still live in gers and there are more horses than people! The Naadam festival is a celebration of Mongolian culture, dating back to the days of Chinggis Khan training his soldiers for battle.

The centuries of tradition, history and wildlife along with awe inspiring landscapes, and warm and friendly people, make Mongolia a fascinating place to explore.

If you are interested in the history of Mongolia then James is the man to speak to. If you are more of an Anthropologist, then get in touch with Karina.




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