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Ger Painter

Ger Painter

Over the last 14 years we have found that it is the chance encounters that happen serendipitously along the journey that are often the highlights that have the lasting impact. Here Emily recounts one such encounter.

In a conversation with some nomads, we were told about Dolgasuren who has been paiting ger parts and furniture for the past 10 years.

She lives in a small village in the Orkhon valley that is famous for its ger makers and painters. She works from a small hashaa with her son, also a ger painter and the owner of the business. Her workshop is indeed a ger, her paintpots are the plastic bottles and jars, and her easle is a simple ger table. Her ger in adorned with the beautiful furniture that she has painted.

When Dolgasuren was a child she realised that she loved to paint, but the opportunity to be a painter never arose. Ten years ago she joined her son in his business. It is a family business with her two grandchildren often joining in.

Self taught, Dolgasuren uses her own motifs, based on traditional designs using the distincinve colours of Mongolian ger furniture. She works freehand, but uses stencils that she pinpricks with white chalk onto the furniture to act as a guideline. Furniture and ger parts arrive at Dolgasuren already painted orange by the ger maker, it takes Dolgasuren four hours to decorate a door in her distinctive and joyful style.

Let the team know if you would like to visit Dolgasuren or some other talented Mongolians on your journey.




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