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Charities We Support

As well as making every effort to travel responsibly in Mongolia, Bhutan and Myanmar we also try to give a little extra back to support good works in those destinations.

We carefully select who we support, looking for small charitable organisations with low overheads run by passionate people in a way that ensures that the money we donate has its maximum effect. We have built up strong relationships with these organisations and encourage our guests to do so too. If you wish we can arrange for you to visit their projects when you are in country and perhaps be inspired to support them a little yourself.

The charities we currently support are:


The Veloo Foundation runs a number of projects around improving the lives of those living in the impoverished ger district of Ulaanbaatar. They run a kindergarten, summer camps and community projects from whom we buy some of the gifts and equipment we use in Mongolia.

The Wild Camel Protection Foundation works to reintroduce the critically endangered wild Bactrian camel to southern Mongolia.

CAMDA – Cambridge Mongolia Development Appeal supports nomadic herder families to maintain their traditional lifestyles through the harsh climatic challenges brought about by climate change. This is done by digging wells and providing tractors for grass cutting to boost the collecting of hay for winter fodder.

The Snow Leopard Trust is a charity dedicated to the protection of the endangered snow leopard across Asia. We fund a livestock insurance scheme that helps families who lose stock to snow leopards thus preventing retribution against the cats.


Helping the Burmese Delta has a variety of initiatives to bring primary education provision and midwifery training to the Irrawaddy Delta region of Myanmar (Burma). This poor region is vulnerable to devastating floods when typhoons hit the area. We built a school with them and Karina recounts her visit here.



Opening your heart to Bhutan is a relatively new charity started by Emma Slade, a former investment banker turned Buddhist nun, whose life changed after visiting a monastery in Bhutan. The charity supports children with special needs across the country providing facilities, equipment, staff and training.