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Reduce, reduce.... and then carbon balance..

Carbon Balancing

We are working to make all of our journeys and film shoots CLIMATE POSITIVE. This is ambitious but we are dedicated to finding a way. For the last four years we have partnered with C-Level to manage the climate change impact of our business. C-Level’s mission is to enable businesses to balance their carbon impact through indigenous projects that benefit ecosystems and communities. These projects are verified under the Plan Vivo standard. Our first priority is to reduce at every level but then to balance any footprint that haven't yet found a way to avoid.

Travelling the world, meeting new people and exploring cultural exchange is what makes us tick. But that comes at a carbon price, every flight we board increases the amount of CO2 released and impacts on the carbon level of the earth’s atmosphere. We are hyper aware of the Climate Emergency and are committed to scaling up Climate Action.

Destinations such as Bhutan have the resources to make themselves 'carbon negative' – planting trees and generating more renewable energy than they use.  But for Mongolia, climate change and herder economics are impacting hard. Ever harsher winter dzuds and lengthy freezing winter droughts kill the livestock of nomadic herders. This forces them to overstock and overgraze the land. Also the high value of cashmere wool drives them into owning greater numbers of cashmere goats who destroy the carbon-sequestering grassy steppeland. A Catch 22 of global and local pressures.

Carbon balancing our business

Through C-Level we are able to take holistic action on our own carbon emissions through a Mongolian project that restores the grassland ecosystem. The Plan Vivo Mongolian Nomad Project is close to our heart. Through this we are working with nomadic herder families, managing livestock levels, improving biodiversity and creating income diversification.

How you can carbon balance your journey

We have built this approach into our business. We calculate the footprint of each of our journeys and include the carbon balancing in the price. C-Level provide the carbon calculations and Plan Vivo certification that ensures our investments are achieving the carbon, ecological and social benefits on the ground.

C-Level also have their own Flight Carbon Calculator enabling you to understand and balance any of your own leisure or business flights. Here is the link to the C-Level Calculator

We are developing measurable means of reducing carbon emissions on our journeys and increasing carbon sequestration. You can read more in this post which we aim to update regularly.