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Inspiring young explorers

Experiences early on in life set a precedent for later life. To introduce your children to the world at an early age is to prepare them to embrace that world and the adventures to be had within it.

PJ are proud to offer journeys with no extra supplement for journeys within school holiday times. Whether it’s Mongolia, Bhutan or Burma, there are so many activities and experiences to be had to make your family adventures complete. Here are a few of our family experiences for each country:


Glamping: Stay in a traditional Mongolian ger (‘home’) and immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of the countryside. Enjoy your own private ger situated in an idyllic remote spot by a river or at the foot of the mountains, or live alongside a nomadic family and learn about their culture first hand.

Water sports: With its meandering rivers and crystal clear lakes, Mongolia is a great place to enjoy all kinds of water sports. From fly fishing for taimen to rafting or wild swimming and kayaking, there are numerous ways to enjoy being on the water.

Riding: Known as a land with no fences, Mongolia – with its vast wide open spaces – is the ideal place for a family riding holiday. Imagine being able to gallop for miles and miles across an uninterrupted landscape … and once you’ve tried riding on horseback together, why not give camels, yaks or reindeers a try?!


Wildlife: The Lost Land of the Tiger promises some fantastic opportunities to spot a huge variety of exotic wildlife. Whilst we can’t promise you a sighting of the tigers that live at high altitude in the Himalayas, there are a wealth of other wonderful creatures to see – such as bears, butterflies and 770 species of birds! Bhutan’s unspoilt tropical jungles and forested mountains are home to leopards, monkeys, rhino, deer, wolves… and the more unfamiliar takin, golden langur, argali and dhole.

Dressing up: Bhutan is a vibrant, colourful country and this is reflected in the traditional clothing its people have been wearing for hundreds of years. Made from woven patterned textiles, the man’s gho and kera and the lady’s kira and tego are worn everyday. The Bhutanese are flattered if you wear their beautiful national costume, particularly at festivals, so don’t be shy – dress up!

Archery: Archery is the national sport of the Kingdom of Bhutan, with every village having an archery field and regular competitions and tournaments. Wherever you go in the country, there will be opportunities to watch and take part in this very social sport.


Elephants: Elephants are widely used to help in the timber industry, but are also a popular tourist attraction. Visit one of the many elephant camps and see how the animals live, help feed and bathe them and then enjoy a ride on their broad backs through the jungle. You’ll be doing your bit to support the conservation trusts that run the camps, protecting the elephants and their natural habitats as well as traditional local lifestyles.

Beaches: The beaches in Burma are by and large still unspoilt, so take the family, relax and enjoy miles of deserted white sands, coconut palms and gentle seas.

Balloons: The perfect way to see Burma is to take a balloon ride. Float over the stunning landscape at sunset, studded with centuries-old pagodas and temples, and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of this magical land – an experience that none of the family will ever forget.




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