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Johnny into the Wild - Bhutan

Simpel Media of the Netherlands production of Johnny into the Wild takes presenter Johnny de Mol along with another Dutch TV star on a journey into wild or remote environments and cultures around the world.

We created a journey of discovery and spiritual adventure into the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan described by the team as the most authentic encounter of the whole series.

The goal of the journey was a village in the remote Haa valley where no Westerners had ever visited. After shopping for supplies and gifts in Paro the Johnny and pop-star Dinand visited Kila nunnery perched high above the valley and then hung prayer flags at Chele La. The journey to Haa involved setting up a camp in the forest before riding to the village. They stayed with a family in the village participating in local life, slowing to the rural pace and joining in an archery competition. The family had a Lama visiting and staying with them whi performed a spritual cleansing ceremony on the programme hosts, shaving their heads and giving blessings. They were honoured to sleep in the family's temple room with the Lama, a rare occurrence. The journey was completed with a visit to one of Bhutan's colourful religious festivals.

This rare journey came about because of our exemplary local connection in Bhutan and sympathetic approach to the culture of this Himalayan Kingdom.



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